camQuix is designed to deliver two major benefits to our clients in their production environments. The first is Quick programming of CNC equipment, and the second is to provide machine independence.


Our interface is intuitive to people familiar with CNC programming and uses conventions and methodologies similar to those which many machine manufacturers supply with their equipment. We’ve optimized these conventions and methodologies to allow users to rapidly program their machines, thereby getting parts into production quickly.

Our PrefSuite and LogiKal products produce model data and machining requirements in XML format. camQuix can read this model data and convert it to CNC machine instructions automatically. The instructions can be made for most CNC manufacturing machines in the market today, for example, Tekna, Elumatic, Emmegi, FOM, Hako etc. Clients that have multiple machine types can produce the same part on multiple machines without additional programming. Just by selecting the machine through our easy to use interface, new instructions can be generated on demand for a different machine. This functionality is especially important if machines break down, during machine maintenance periods, and/or if the client wants to change his machinery manufacturer due to obsolescence etc.

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