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As the world’s most widely deployed configurator in the fenestration industry, LogiKal provides north American glaziers with a tool to rapidly estimate projects and submit bids. LogiKal is distributed as a closed system in collaboration with specific curtain wall and storefront manufacturers to their contract glaziers and produces the estimate, cuts sheets, fabrication reports, assembly reports and other documentation for the specific manufacturers systems. These closed systems provide interaction directly between the manufacturer and the manufacturers glazier clients allowing for automated material ordering for the projects when the bids are successful.

LogiKal is also offered as an open system allowing north American contractors to estimate using systems from multiple manufacturers. The LogiKal open systems allow glaziers to create and estimate elevations for a project using one manufacturers system, and then rapidly re-estimate the elevation using another system from the same manufacturer or another manufacturer to determine the optimum system and application for the project. The LogiKal database is being continuously updated with an ever increasing number of manufacturers systems, and is rapidly becoming the “Yellow Pages” directory for the glazing community.

LogiKal is designed to provide glazing companies with the ability to respond to tightening deadlines in a highly competitive market where project submissions require speed, accuracy, and comprehensive scope. New and younger employees as they enter the industry recognize the need and opportunity offered by technology to advance the processes used to address the growing demands created by regulatory requirements and environmental changes. LogiKal is specifically designed as a platform to assist the change in the industry as well as the people involved as this demographic evolves.


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