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"We are pleased to add our name to the long list of PrefSuite supporters. When we were looking for a software solution for a window manufacturing plant in New Zealand, we were not in the window manufacturing business. We visited multiple sites in North America and heard first hand from many of Preference North America's clients. Having gained confidence in their software capabilities, we were still left with challenges as we were entering a market segment with little direct experience, namely:

  • How to setup a plant
  • What processes to use for manufacturing
  • Would our product design work
  • What to do about machine connectivity to our system
  • Etc.

In addition to acquiring their software, we used their consulting services to validate our product design. They assisted us in laying out the plant floor and production flow. We also worked with their management in development of our strategic market entry methodologies.

Even with an eighteen hour time difference between New Zealand and the east coast of North Ameirca, we maintain a close working relationship. While the tearm partnership is often over-used, they have earned the right to use partnership as the description of our relationship in the truest form.

McKechnie Aluminum Solutions Limited has a rich 56 year history of providing aluminum products to our markets. Fourteen months after we made the strategic decision to enter the window manufacturing business we successfully shipped our first product from our brand new window manufacturing plant. Preference North America was a key ingredient in our success formula."


Pramod Khatri
Chief Executive/Managing Director

Barry Upson


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