SuiteLogiK is intended to allow manufacturers using the PrefSuite ERP system to accept LogiKal projects created by glaziers using a multiple manufacturer's version of LogiKal. When released, glaziers that use LogiKal with no integration through GDE and those that use multiple manufacturer's systems can produce a project, compare costs between manufacturers, and select the manufacturer that they want to use. If the manufacturer does not yet use our state of the art ERP system, the full power of LogiKal can still be used to produce the shop drawings, and place purchase orders, produce the cut lists, assembly instructions, fabrication reports, structural analysis and other features of our powerful configurator. When the manufacturer uses PrefSuite, order processing is automated and service levels to the glazier are increased. LogiKal provides a advanced interoperability by way of technology bridge to older heritage ERP systems used by some manufacturers.


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