We created our new Storefront OnLine Interactive Dialogue console (SOLID) in order to allow users to rapidly configure entrances, storefronts and curtain walls without the traditional requirement for configuration software being installed on their laptops or workstations. PrefWeb with the SOLID console harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) by including expert system (ES) capabilities and combines it with the reach of the internet. PrefWeb can now allow manufacturers of storefronts and curtain walls to give their clients a tool to configure and order products from them using a cost effective solution.

Traditional configurators rely on the software suppliers to update products, product engineering, and pricing information once they received it from the manufacturer. Using PrefWeb, there is no delay in software downloading or distribution; there is no delay between the time that the manufacturer changes products or pricing and the time that the contract glazier is advised. PrefWeb gives control back to the manufacturer by giving them the update ability directly while providing the contract glazier the ability to configure, estimate, quote, and order through one single easy to use interface using current information.

We’ve set out to change an industry that has not yet fully exploited technologies that have evolved in recent years. Our announcement of the SOLID console launches what we believe will revolutionize the way that the glazing community interacts with their customers and their suppliers. A seamless integrated system that addresses the needs of the glazier combined with instantaneous interaction between the glazier and the manufacturer over the internet is designed to shorten the time frame to estimate a project and the time to order and receive the materials from the manufacturer when the bid is successful.

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