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More than a decade ago, we understood that software by itself is only a tool, and while we provide North America with the finest tools in the industry, we believe the communication with our clients should be done using the client's own terminology and nuances. At that time, we initiated a recruiting process to recruit individuals with hands on experience to provide a bridge between the technical development staff and the clients. We have staffed our organization with individuals that have extensive industry experience as plant managers, procurement specialists, production schedulers, and certified fenestration engineers. We walk and talk the same language as our clients. These dedicated specialists work with our clients during implementation. They also provide consulting services on a fee basis.

One of our clients recently requested on-site consulting services as they felt that their plant operations were lagging in productivity compared to their competitors. A four week consulting assignment resulted in dramatic improvement in plant productivity without making any material changes in our software which they use. Our consultant worked with management to identify high-level weaknesses in plant human resources, plant equipment location, material flow, plant incentive systems, as well as analyzing meticulous detail right down to the timing of coffee breaks. The result was a vastly improved business process, and we received a glowing letter from the owner recognizing the improved morale, plant throughput, and elimination of overtime.

The combination of our strong technologies, and unrivalled industry expertise sets us apart from other software suppliers.

The way we put things together is what sets us apart.

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