Training Outline


LogiKal is designed to provide fast end-user training resulting in early adoption and return on investment. With a focus on configurations and estimation, we have structured our education curriculum so that in the first two days, end users learn how to use the system, and then on the third day, they tackle a real world situation. This rapid transition from theory to practice is possible because our tutors are not only expert's in the use of the software, but also have extensive interpersonal skills when dealing with first time users that adapt easily as well as those that need additional encouragement to understand concepts and techniques.


As PrefSuite encompasses a greater number of stakeholders in the organization, education curriculums need to be jointly developed with our clients based on their organizational requirements. Focus on configurations and estimation is of course also necessary, but supply chain modules, production management, financial interfaces, and other application areas also need tailored instruction to integrate and address the significantly larger number of stakeholders is and their relevant set of skills. The same care is taken to ensure that this broader stakeholder set receives attention and support from our staff.




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