Group Training and Individual Training


Gaining early benefit from your investment requires that users be trained as effectively as possible. While we frequently send out training professionals to our client's facilities to provide education as shown in the training outline, we believe that there is also significant benefit from members of your staff visiting our facilities in either Toronto or Denver. By focusing on the curriculum off-site, the day to day distractions from normal operations tend not to interrupt the training which results in a better user experience in the early learning phase of these new tools. In a structured group environment, our staff are trained to identify individuals that require additional assistance and who may be reticent to ask questions. From experience, we recommend groups of no more than six people at a time in order to allow the instructors to provide individualized support in addition to the general instruction.


We also provide individual training as required, but recommend that a second individual is trained in order to provide backup for each of the critical business processes. PrefSuite typically requires multiple sessions due to the broader stakeholder participation.

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