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Building Envelope Software Technologies (BEST) was founded to service  the needs of multiple diverse market segments within the fenestration industry. Using our consulting division which we staffed with management recruited from within the industry, our search for best-of-breed software solutions comprised a rigorous review of not only the capabilities of the software, but also the strength of the development teams, management dedication to providing a competitive edge to clients, financial strength, and resource critical mass. Our selections are two of the worlds leading suppliers to the industry which have traditionally focused on separate segments of the market. The combination of leading edge software with extensive in-house industry experience, complemented by an innovative development team, and supported by world class development labs provides clients with not only rapid short term ROI, but an assurance of long term sustainable competitive advantage. With more than 300 employees and associates focused on today's requirements as well as looking forward to emerging industry needs, we spearhead productivity initiatives for the industry. Large scale manufacturing clients use BEST solutions to run highly automated paperless environments to reduce their costs, other clients focus on improving revenue using our leading edge front end systems, while glazing business also benefit by having reduced risks in their projects.


In combination, with our software partners there are more than 10,000 installations in upwards of 4,000 companies worldwide that draw on more than 30 years of experience developing software solutions for the industry. With an historical focus on window and door manufacturing, PrefSuite has gained prominence as the worldwide leader in advanced ERP manufacturing systems for the fenestration industry. LogiKal has clearly established itself as one of the world's preeminent configurators, and provides complete solutions from the very large curtainwall and storefront  manufacturers to smaller specialized extruding manufacturers. These two technologies also operate open and closed solutions to the full range and scale of contract glaziers. Our mission is simple: to provide our clients with a healthy ROI on their investment in information technology, and to assist them in maintaining their competitive edge in their marketplace.



Aluminum Systems



The profile systems from some of the larger curtain wall and storefront manufactures have been implemented in co-operation with some of those manufacturers and also from publicly available price lists and installation manuals. Our objective is to provide the glazing community the ability to view and select the system from their manufacturer of choice in order to pick the appropriate solution for the project which you are bidding on. Many of these manufacturers see the benefit of providing us the detail that allows you to determine the fit of their products to fit your needs and we have worked with them to develop the closed versions offered through them. Others are more reticent to provide the detail not available from pricelists and installation manuals. Our vision is to become the "yellow pages" of the industry to allow you to select products to suit the projects which you want to bid on. By providing the most complete glazing industry catalogue in combination with the world's leading edge configurator software, we want to provide you with the choices that allow you to compete for projects.We hope that you will support that vision by advising your supplier that your ability to choose the best solution from our industry catalogue benefits the entire industry.


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