Partnering For Productivity


Our software platforms are designed to interface to CNC equipment as the industry transitions to a higher use of automated equipment. We have successfully interfaced to equipment manufacturers such as BJM, Elumatec, Emmegi, Fischer(FMB), FOM, Mecal, Shuco (Emmegi, BJM) and Tekna as well as a variety of NC-X controllable machining centers like Nikom and Maka. We have also interfaced to prototype CNC equipment which eventually went into production environments. We view these manufactures as partners and our relationships with them extend our ability to address your individual requirements. All of the effort is directed at providing you with logic driven, collision-free, clamping verified, data files.

We also recognize that clients use productivity tools heavily focused on engineering applications, and therefore provide for support between our applications and Auto Desk Products (Auto-CAD) and many others. 3D export from LogiKal of models to Auto-CAD provides support for the increasing Revit/BIM industry requirement.

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