CNC Equipment


As our industry transitions itself to higher automation by deploying an increasing amount of CNC equipment, BEST is using our technology platforms to insulate our clients from the risks associated with equipment obsolescence and the impact of equipment failure. As CNC equipment becomes more pervasive and therefore more mission critical, processes are required to allow operations to continue in the event of planned or unplanned equipment downtime.


Our LogiKal and PrefSuite product lines generate fabrication details for the extrusions used in the assembly of elevations such as windows, storefronts and curtain walls. These details can be sent directly to CNC machines from the applications.


Our camQuix product sits between the LogiKal and PrefSuite products and the CNC equipment. camQuix allows the client to select a machine type and camQuix will generate the machine code by selecting the machine type from a drop down selection. This allows the client to create the code on a different machine when he has multiple machine types. By dynamically selecting/redirecting to another machine type, production can continue when there is a hardware failure and other machine is available. It also allows for outsourcing some fabrication if the CNC work center is overloaded.


For product prototyping or one time manufacturing, our cadXtract offering can allow our clients to design/model a product using 3D cad software such as Inventor, Solidworks, or CATIA and create the CNC instructions intelligently without the need for CNC programming. cadXtract works seamlessly with camQuix to complete our engineer-produce-ship ERP system. Most major equipment manufacturers are supported, and we are expanding the equipment support portfolio as new and innovative equipment is brought to market

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